Giovanni Cuna, photographer of Sports events with a special preference for Karting which he has been shooting with his Canons since 1994.

His interest in the action shots and whatever is related to sports activities form the basis of a constant research that made him progress over the years and collaborate with trade publications such as Autosprint and Wroom as well as photographic agencies like Race&Motion, a flagship of international Rallying. Finally, from December 2012 he has been cooperating with the new digital magazine MAG3, published by the same editorial staff as the well-known monthly TKart. Captivating images “on track” taken around the paddocks of the circuits throughout Europe provide the setting for the endless sequence of daily news keeping informed all those who dedicated their lives to engines. His pictures have been chosen for the book edited by Vallardi which portrays the highlights of the 2013 WSK and CIK-FIA karting season.

Giovanni Cuna

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